Ecologic Meeting March 25, 2008

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Ecologic planning again

Today there was much more planning with Earth week with new ideas proposed and discussion of the various of events. Also committing to events.

You can find lists of events here or here

Ben Hunt will send out an email regarding Face the Waste, looking for suggestions on details.

If you have a sweet idea that you think should be done add it to the Earth Week page.

Also there will be an email going out to the club officers later to get other clubs involved, but first we want to get more things up on the wiki.

Perhaps with header paper we should write something using header paper. By showing the front of the header pages it will make it more apparent that it was waste.

We should do something in the union for the week, because that's the center of student "life".

The planned location for Earth Fest is the space between Sage Dining Hall and Players. Elly is going to check about reserving this space.

Make patches to help advertise, or have slogans.