Ecologic Meeting March 3, 2014

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  • EarthFest
  • Green transportation and green tourism

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Diana, Marissa, Elizabeth, Alex, other Alex, Natalie, Sarah, Jesse

  • EarthFest is happening! (Amazing)
    • Need to keep contacting clubs
    • Would have a short meeting before EarthFest
    • Hillel is going to be doing something about religion and environment
  • Need to order shirts soon to get them for EarthFest
    • Need a new company since RPI policy has changed
    • Shirt needs to be organic cotton
    • Alex will look into companies
  • Should have end of semester dinner
  • Need to do elections
    • Could be right after EarthFest
  • Hey Red Go Green
    • Make last of four weeks recycling week
    • Can table at EarthFest, just no common theme
  • Green Transportation + EcoTourism
    • EcoTourism: a form of tourism for seeing landscapes and leaving them relatively untouched
    • It is good because it gives people a connection to natural, gives a better appreciation
    • Is seeing the environment worth the risk of hurting the environment?
    • Have to fly, which has negative environmental impacts.
    • Many people who are in lower classes can't really afford ecotourism
    • It can be good, but it depends on how they use the experience
    • Could do more field trips to parks and hiking, etc. Albany Pine Bush preserve