Ecologic Meeting March 5, 2013

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  • EcoQuest (10-15 min)
    • Challenge items
    • Logistics
    • Advertising
  • EarthFest (10 min)
    • Clubs we've asked so far
    • Location
    • Send email out to club officers--Elizabeth
    • Music Update
  • Other thing (5 min)
  • Have a good spring break!


  • How do we get people involved in Ecoquest?
    • Do we need an incentive?
    • How can people prove they did the challenges for the prize?
    • Guilt trip them into it.
  • Challene Items:
    • Water: Militray showers, rewear clothes, only do full loads of laundry
    • Power:hang dry clothes
  • Earthfest:
    • We haven't heard back from GZ, so we are probably going with WRPI
    • We have heard back from other clubs who are participating
    • Location? Union Patty or GM Block? The winner is GM Block!
  • Hydrofracking research group, wants to apply for a grant, easier to use a club with a Union Bank Account.
    • We help them get money, maybe we can increase our membership
    • Wanna see EcoLogic more involved in acedemics
    • How much are we giving our name to this Grant
  • Earth Week: When do we want our Bake sale?
    • April 15-18th, Mon-Thurs. Maybe Thursday?
  • We need to get started on solar ovens.


  • Elizabeth
  • Jenn
  • Marissa
  • Jesse
  • Nikki
  • Diana