Ecologic Meeting March 9, 2015

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  • Still having issues with the tour- sorry about that.
    • Athletics Facility Manager will take us on a tour. Figure out a good time during the week.
  • Accepted Student's Celebration on April 11th (Saturday) from 1-3:30
    • Should we get a table? If yes, who would be able to table?
  • Reminder: Environmental Job Fair is this Wednesday!


  • Earthfest
    • Contacting Clubs
    • Who is going to table what and when
      • Someone to show how to tye-dye
      • Google Doc for this
  • Still issues with tour
  • Accepted students day
    • Should we get a table?
      • We should!!!
  • Environmental Career Fair this Wednesday
  • Environmental News
    • Articles in agenda
  • Tesla cars! why so expensive??