Ecologic Meeting May 3, 2011

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  • Discussing our goals for next year
  • Gorge trip
  • Vasudha farmers market trip

Next Year's Goals and Ideas

  • Also see Ecologic Meeting April 27, 2011
  • Each month have some sort of plan
    • See google doc
  • Saturday Idea
    • Farmers market (buy food), brunch, then movie @ 2 (with Vasudha!!)
      • People can go to their parties after if they so desire
  • Have Vasudha join us since they are based on a lot of the same thing as Ecologic
  • Sign-up sheets so we can find out if people are interested

Meeting Ideas

  • Discussion meetings
    • Not first meeting of semester
      • We don't want to bore newcomers
    • Start with ~5 minutes of discussion about current environmental issues
  • Speakers at meetings
    • Have them speak for 30 minutes and then we discuss stuff for the other 30 minutes
  • After we watch films, we should set aside some time for discussion
  • Extend meetings
  • Separate officers' meeting or committee meeting?
    • Meeting time-discuss projects
      • Who's going to do what
  • Planning stuff outside meetings
    • Then we can do fun stuff during meetings
  • Everyone's homework: what should we do during an ideal meeting?

Gorge Trip

  • Wednesday afternoon of reading days
  • We will buy stuff either Tuesday or Wednesday morning (we have money from Vasudha)


  • Elizabeth
  • Jen
  • Shwetha
  • Nikki
  • Jay
  • Lydia
  • Zack
  • Marc
  • Deborah