Ecologic Meeting May 8, 2012

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  • Intro: What was your favorite event or meeting from this last year? OR What do you really want to see again?
  • Planning for Gorge/Prospect Park Trip
  • Plans for NRB Variable Time Block event
  • Special Celebration
  • Wiki Editing--create usernames and write one or two sentences about yourself. If you already have an account, update your page!
  • Reminder: Vasudha end-of-year dinner on Wednesday at 6:30!


  • Zack - mixer at start of year, should do this next year; Eco-Jeopardy
  • Nikki - mixer; we should have a larger-scale one with other people invited
  • Amanda - Eco-Jeopardy, first one was better
  • Elizabeth - apple-picking
  • Marissa - Earth Fest

Weekend's Trip

  • Saturday is supposed to be nice
  • Saturday at noon
  • Meet by Polytech

NRB Variable Block Event

  • Notebooks? takes too long
  • Planting?
    • Would need money for plants and such
    • Take a tour of Vasudha garden and weed?
  • Smoothies?
    • Money??
    • More of just a come-and-go thing
  • Get the shuttle to go up to the greenhouse?
  • Go down to TBR?
    • Talk to Deborah
  • Partnership with Ecovative?
  • Tie-dying?
    • Too messy, people would have to bring their own shirt
  • Recycled crafts?
    • Offer things that are gender-neutral
  • Make paper out of toilet paper?


  • Discussion about people stealing them, someone didn't get one and has paid for them
  • We'll order more next fall, try to have everybody get one

To Dos

  • Email Deborah (Elizabeth)


  • Elizabeth
  • Amanda
  • Nikki
  • Zack
  • Marissa