Ecologic Meeting November 10, 2014

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EcoPrincess Festival


Poster hand-out recap

  • Farmer's Market, handed out to parents with little kids
  • gave posters to businesses downtown to put up
  • successful - gave out ~50 posters


  • Should we do a sponsored ad?


  • Ask Mascarenhas to contact other professors

Purchasing supplies

  • Walmart
  • Diana can drive
  • Money (from SSTF)



  • We have outfits theoretically.
  • We contacted Adrienne.
  • We might buy some.
  • Costume rental place offered discount -- do we have their contact info?


  • We need people to be princesses. Can contact some of the people from last time.
  • Adrienne can contact people.

Other things

  • Contact vendors -- Jesse will email members to ask if they know officers of the various groups
  • Invited Adrienne to our next meeting
  • About 200 people attended last time


  • Jesse
  • Diana
  • Sarah
  • Alex
  • Fiona
  • Natalie
  • Nate
  • Karel