Ecologic Meeting November 11, 2007

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There are a collection of schools competing in recycling. We might do this, but registration is not until January 18, 2008

Sustainability Task Force

Meeting: Wednesday 4-6pm The task force will come up with a plan, and then the representatives will decide who will take on various projects. One way to get the student body recognized in this task force is to get something set up in the senate. Doing this through the union (student government), rather than just a club, gives it a lot more force. Shows action and initiative. Also, allows all the club Tuesday November 20th at 4-6pm in Union 3606 this will come before the student senate.

PD2 group

There was a PD2 group in the DCC giving out pamphlets about how we got a C- on the Sustainability report card.

EcoHall challenge

Getting geared up for that, but not much is being done yet. (Next January)

Recycling in the dorms

Best to do at the start of a semester. We need to get a plan first. What can be put in the small closets

Conservation Coordinator

Don't have one, but want one.

Career Fairs more eco-friendly

The CDC wants us to propose ways to make the career fair more eco-friendly. What can we do to reduce the amount of unwanted stuff their giving out. Perhaps also want to get higher percentage of environmentally friendly companies.

Try to get recycled resume paper.

Recycled paper

Push for the printers to use recyclable paper

Dumpster Diving

Potentially Thursday and/or Friday morning. Approximately 20% garbage, 25% compostable, rest are recyclables.

Guerrila Postering?

Maybe poster the garbages with stuff like "Could you recycle this?" or "50% of this is recyclable" or something else.(need to be wary of sign policy) Perhaps right statistics on chalk boards.(doesn't need to use paper).

Perhaps something to make these statistics visual. Perhaps a big Garbage can full of the percentages that are appearing in the dumpster dive.

Global Society and Economics Film

Wednesday 7pm Sage 4101

First Annual Eco Show

Monday and Tuesday

Action Items

AK: add eco-friendly sticker company to wiki