Ecologic Meeting November 11, 2013

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  • Vegan bake sale
  • End-of-semester movie night (Lorax)
  • Ecologic promotion/communication
    • Should we get a Twitter?
    • We should work on our food blog!
    • Alumni are having Facebook issues
    • How to promote events:
      • FB page, make events
      • Google calendar
        • Do all officers have access?
  • Ecologic constitution
  • Future meetings: Prof. Vamos talk (hopefully); Thanksgiving meeting/dinner haps
  • Possibly wiki party/Ecologic history

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Elizabeth, Diana, Marissa, Jesse, Natalie, Fiona, Taylor, Vicky, Sherese


Finalized and approved!

Bake Sale

  • Food from Uncle Sam's
  • Sign up on the google doc
  • Elizabeth will get supplies friday or next monday
  • Should cost about $35 for supplies
  • Nothing much perishable
  • Who is free on Wednesday afternoon?
  • Could start making it at about 3-4
  • Making it in Nason kitchen
  • Profits go to charity (e.g. Troy Bike Rescue)

Thanksgiving dinner

  • No response yet from David

Vamos talk

Vamos is very busy, not sure if will happen

Ecologic history

It's on the wiki. Go explore.

Networking ideas

  • RPI reddit- have monthly discussions (e.g. environmental justice)
  • Possible twitter or instagram


  • Should collaborate with Design for America for donating
  • Possibly could donate to compost intitative
  • If you want to volunteer, ask Elizabeth about opportunities.
  • Work Day with Ecologic in Spring is a possibility
  • EcoPrincess festival is in December