Ecologic Meeting November 12, 2009

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To club members: what do you think of the club now and what do you want it to be in the future? Do you see the club's active influence on campus?

  • Co-op a good idea because it's a year-long thing unlike events like Earth Week that's towards the end of the year
    • More year-round events to lace throughout the year
    • Tye-Dye
    • Should set up groups in charge of managing year-round events
  • Monthly EEC cleanup?
  • Lax atmosphere of the club makes it more enjoyable
  • Make the EEC more accessible as an education center
  • Ecologic used to hold office hours and had a telephone number and e-mail address in order to incite communication
    • Getting a phone number/ecologic email to encourage people to ask questions about what's we do, what's going on with the club, etc
  • Ecologic is more cultural unlike SSTF which is more activism
    • Instead of focusing on what Ecologic isn't, we should focus on encouraging a sustainable culture and encouraging activism
  • Mission Statement
    • Social change over activist change
    • Getting students to participate in more environmental/cultural things
    • Educating the campus and further cultural events



  • We can buy T-shirts once we vote on a design, take enough orders, and submit to get the T-shirt printed

Jay is taking on Envirenss - going to need people to write articles Troy Bike Rescue

  • Getting Troy Bike Rescue to come up here or going down to Troy Bike Rescue
  • Jay setting up meeting next Thursday

Breakout Groups

Recycling Bake Sale Concerto Ad

  • Eco scavenger hunt Concerto Ad/facebook group
    • Find/Recycle something
    • Group members come up with suggestions
    • Proof through pictures and whoever has the most points at the end of the semester will get a prize
    • Updated every 2 or 3 days (the facebook group)
  • We need to someone who can design an ad for Concerto and an icon