Ecologic Meeting November 13, 2008

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  • 5 minute free write on the topic “why do you like the environment?”, to explore possible Envirenss topics
    • Environment+economy
    • Nothing is waste
    • Possible column on first hand account of lowering footprint


  • “Envirenns” is open for a name change if anyone has any suggestions. It would be nice to somehow cleverly incorporate “Ecologic” into the title.
  • Possible Topics
    • Tips on how to reuse different objects
    • What’s going on around campus
    • Opinion
    • Career highlight – unseen connections to your major
      • Alumni profile
    • Current events
      • New technology
    • List of meeting times for all environmental groups, spaces for other groups to contribute
  • Distribution
    • Aiming for an issue at the beginning of/during finals week
    • Ideally we would like to issue monthly publications
    • Possible distribution spots:
      • Online
      • Coffee shops
      • Terra Café tables
  • Article Distribution
    • Heidi will be writing an article on ecological jobs
    • Britney– Reusable products
    • Ciara – current events

Good point. I hadn't thouhgt about it quite that way. :)


  • Our budget plan for next year is due soon, so feel free to offer any suggestions for programs or anything else you think Ecologic should add money for in our budget
  • We discussed adding money for the printing of Envirenns, Earthfest, and the EcoHall Challenge


  • Started a signup sheet for people to work hourly shifts in the EEC
    • You can work with a partner during your free time, there will be a to-do list posted in the EEC along with the schedule of who is working
    • While working, you can answer questions people may have, make recycled notebooks, etc.