Ecologic Meeting November 16, 2010

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  • Updates
    • How was Ecovative?-Deborah
    • Tshirt Update-Nikki
    • Skipping Waste Friday 11/19/10 (Change to our Daily Bread?)
    • Vice President of Political Advocacy (Ciara)
    • Dumpster Dive report
    • Plastic bag info reports
    • No meeting next week because of Thanksgiving
    • Opened up the ecologic list for emails
  • Short
    • Watch [1] The Story of Electronics
  • Discussion
    • Discuss Story of Electronics
    • Next poly article Kaori with sustainability group rundown? with info about ecotalk)
    • EEC weekly shift?
    • EcoLogic bike building Canceled because of pizza with the cabinet.
    • Compost deployment at greenhouse
    • Ecotalk environmental club updates
  • Wiki Party If we have time


  • Ecovative is cool
  • Tshirts will be $9
  • Our daily bread on Friday
  • Ciara is VP of Political Advocacy
    • Looking into national student organizations for environmental activism
    • Looking into going to Powershift '11
  • Dumpster dive was fun
    • Sorted Trash dumpster into recyclables and non recyclables
    • A decent amount of edible food found
  • Plastic bag reports
    • Farmer's market said okay to bag distribution
    • Computing center said okay to bag distribution
    • Price chopper recycles bags
    • Hannaford collects bags
    • Troy Food Coop doesn't collect bags
    • No one answered at walmart
    • No response from dining services
  • No meeting next week because of thanksgiving
  • Opened up Ecologic list so members could send emails
  • Poly article
    • We should have a poly article with info about all the environmental clubs
  • Bike building
    • We should build bikes for ecologic members
    • Bike building is on Wednesday's from 5-8pm
    • Everyone present was interested
  • Compost
    • SSTF is getting compost up and running but with only one collection point
    • We could help create other collection points namely throughout the dorms through RAs and reslife
    • We can use bikes to deliver
  • Ecotalk
    • We should write a weekly update for Ecotalk about what different environmental clubs are doing and for everyone to be on the same page
  • Watched [2] The Story of Electronics
  • Watched [3] Story of Bottled Water
    • Deborah covered most of the topics in the short film without seeing it
  • Watched nova clip about Hydrofracking
    • Gas was leaking into local water and causing the water to be flammable
  • Wiki party
    • Explored and edited the wiki some


Other notes

  • Tshirts
    • Video showing tshirt production process. [4]
    • Charge sheet minimum is $10. One dollar extra for EcoLogic budget?