Ecologic Meeting November 29, 2011

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  • We watched the video


  • Animal testing
    • Ethics, theory of
    • Especially ethics of using chimps since they are so close to us
    • If we're going to treat everything equally, then we need to treat EVERYTHING equally
    • We tend to look at intelligence as a factor
    • Discussion of intelligence in general, why is it up to us to decide what intelligence is and what animals have it?
  • Hunting/eating meat
    • Look out for how its life is, not totally stop eating meat
    • Meat is centerpiece of the meal
  • Discussion about zoos, how they're helping endangered species
    • Population, exponential growth
    • Consumption

End of Semester Event with Vasudha

  • Movie?
    • Saturday or Sunday night
    • Food
  • We also need to discuss Vasudha, what it is, interactions with environmental groups
    • Some discussion tonight
    • Apathy in Vasudha
    • Elizabeth will look through her chats and emails with Jay since they discussed that last year


  • Zack
  • Marc
  • Nikki
  • Elizabeth
  • Sarah