Ecologic Meeting November 3, 2007

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EcoLogic Related Events

Dumpster Diving

  • Monday November 5th
  • 10am
  • meet in the Bray parking lot, near the dumpster

Presentation on biodiesel on campus

  • November 11th
  • during the ESW meeting
  • 8pm

Green Expo??

  • We aren't sure about this one, so if you have any information definitely let us know
  • this coming weekend in the Albany area
  • heard about something on the radio

Action Items

something every meeting should have!

  • Dumpster Diving

be there Monday and check the wiki for the results afterwards

everyone try to add one thing, from where we need more bins to ideas/suggestions/thoughts about bin designs

this is going to be an organized way for us to outline what we see the problems are and what we'd like to see in terms of changes