Ecologic Meeting November 3, 2014

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Attendance: Diana, Jesse, Forrest, Kyle, Elizabeth, Fiona, Natalie, Alex, Sarah


  • Tuesday- 7-9(?) Yes Men film at Sanctuary
  • Wednesday 5:30-7:30 Vasudha film in DCC 318
  • Thursday, 4-6 Plastics talk in West Hall 211

EcoPrincess Festival


  • Air Pollution - Forrest
  • Food - Diana
  • Energy Waste - Fiona
  • Shampoo bottles thing (ingredients) - Elizabeth
  • Ocean Pollution - Kyle


Individuals should figure out what they need for their table.



  • Alex will make flyers
  • 11am Wednesday downtown to hand out flyers
  • Hand out at Farmer's Market (Diana will organize)
  • Ask businesses to put posters in their windows


  • Professors with kids can advertise
  • Sarah can tell Hebrew School kids
  • Elementary School PTA meetings (?)
  • Honest Weight Co-op (?)
    • Posters/Flyers
    • Maybe ask cashiers to give flyers to people with kids
  • Natalie will do social media
  • Jesse will write sample email


  • Academy Hall Auditorium
  • Not McNeil Room because we didn't commit in time
  • If we do this next year, we should reserve McNeil Room

Social Media

  • Twitter account
  • Natalie will do social media things