Ecologic Meeting November 30, 2010

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  • Updates
    • TBR
    • Ecovative next week
      • Ted Talk
      • Sam Harrington
    • Campus Action
    • Simple Living
    • Powershift 2011
    • Bike share possibility
    • Troy Cleanup 12/12/10 (sunday before finals week)
  • Discussion
    • What movie do we want to watch?
    • Poly article
    • Vegan bake sale
  • Planning for next year
    • Theme months?


  • Updates
    • Troy Bike Rescue
      • Marc and Jay went before thanksgiving and made gross things shiny
      • This week: Deborah fixed her bike, Jay volunteered and Susan (Vasudha) adopted a bike and replaced its fork
    • Campus Action
      • Marc talked to elementary school about recycling program, discussed inviting them over to talk about how we could help them
      • Zero Waste Center should be done by the end of this school year
      • Plastic bag reuse should be rolled out by next semester
      • We'll need to get new bins for the center
    • Simple Living
      • Troy environmental group, members are mostly pretty old
      • Discussed timebanking and group possibly working with Capital District Transition Network
    • Powershift 2011
      • Powershift 2009 was an event we went to about taking environmental action.
      • Ciara will be organizing our trip for Powershift 2011
      • Marc brought up another conference that was happening next year about free media (contact marc for more info)
    • Maybe we will be involved in the bike share somehow (more info to come)
  • Discussion
    • Weekly Friday movie
      • People at the meeting won't be around next weekend
    • Poly article
      • JD is going to write an article about holiday waste (packaging and the like)
    • Vegan bake sale
      • Deborah would bake and Marc would table sit, we need to do it soon if its going to be for this week
  • Planning for next year
    • We need to plan for next year so we can make a budget for next year
    • People didn't have too many ideas
    • Jay had an idea for theme months that he wanted to implement this year but wasn't able to
    • september intro month
    • october biking (transportation) month (to get biking engrained early)
    • Other topics
    • We should have a fun event for ecologic members each month, watch a movie, outreach event
  • Other
    • JD is going to water the plants
    • Marc can water the plants over winter break


To Do

  • create facebook event for movie (Jay)
  • tshirts readying (Jay and Nikki)
  • vegan bake sale discussion (Jay)
  • Article about Holiday waste (JD)
  • Contact poly about overprinting (Deborah)
  • Email discussion about theme month planning for next year (Jay)