Ecologic Meeting November 4, 2013

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  • Attendance: Diana, Elizabeth, Marissa, Jesse, Taylor, Vicky, Sherese

Vegan bake sale

  • Have 21 and 22 tables reserved
  • Don't want to spend too much
  • Suggestions
    • Vegan brownies
    • Cupcakes- funfetti (probably not), vanilla
    • Pumpkin muffins
    • pumpkin cheesecake ( save for
    • pumpkin pie
    • cranberry muffins
    • Banana bread
  • need vegan chocolate chips (Uncle Sam's)
  • Could use electric kettle to make tea and sell that as well
  • Thanksgiving related- decorate like turkeys

Sustainability conference at Cornell

  • EcoReps- reslife approach like a LA and did programming related to sustainability programs or class based in which you take a class and learn about sustainability issues and projects that can be done on campus
  • Jesse wants to start a sustainability chair for Nason RSA. Try to expand if it is found to be useful.


  • We're trying to make an SSTF related class
  • Elizabeth: Ask Sodexo for coffee cups

Grocery list for bake sale:

  • Flour--$5
  • Sugar (vegan)--$5
  • Oil--$3
  • Cocoa powder--$4
  • Bananas (from commons)
  • Vegan chocolate chips--$5
  • maragarine (Elizabeth has)
  • pumpkin puree--$3
  • poppy seeds--$2
  • baking powder (Elizabeth has)
  • baking soda (Elizabeth has)
  • salt (Elzabeth has)
  • cranberries--$4
  • total: $31