Ecologic Meeting November 5, 2009

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Meeting Minutes 11/509

Ice Breaker

Pick a book/magazine from the shelf and find one interesting fact that and recite the fact to the club


Solar Decathlon

  • Organizing solar decathlon team
  • Solar decathlon is competition amongst colleges worldwide to see who can build the greenest house
  • Looking for volunteers
    • Being led by the School of Architecture
    • Still writing proposal and we'll find out in December if we'll be doing it


  • RPI uses single stream recycling but we still have separate recycling bins so we're trying to fix that
  • We need to educate the campus about single stream recycling
    • Concerto Ads
    • Talking to people
    • RA Events
    • Ecologic Recycling Task Force (?)
  • EEC Recycling Center
    • We'll recycle what can't be recycled via single stream recycling

Jay is planning on starting a group of communal bikers

  • Sustainability Week
    • A week very similar to Earth Week but it will take place in January instead of April

Girl Scouts

  • Meeting with Girl Scout troop for environmental project
    • Meet either 10th or 11th (Contact Anasha)

Breakout Groups

  • Recycling
  • Bake Sale Group
    • Bake sale November 21st