Ecologic Meeting November 6, 2008

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Focuses of Ecologic

  • Main focus has been EEC, which some things still need to be finished
    • Content still has to be added, such as posters in the EEC and flyers around campus
    • Possibly set up jobs for the EEC
  • Coordinating with other clubs
    • Possible clubs to work with are the Electronics Club, Nuclear Club, maybe public service club
    • You can look through the list of clubs and see which would be appropriate for Ecologic to work with

Potential Agenda

  • Wiki organizing party, to clean up the wiki
  • Create a log of Ecologic’s decisions, which will start a history for the club and be helpful in the future

Breakout Groups

  • Posters
  • Club Outreach
  • Ecohall Challenge
    • Try to expand from the previous years
      • Possibilities: guest speakers, expand to more dorms, include water conservation, individual prizes to those who are voted most energy efficient, create a website


  • Articles and Topics are needed for the Envirenns