Ecologic Meeting November 9, 2010

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  • Updates
    • Everyone on the Ecotalk list?
    • Dumpster dive this Saturday
      • 12:30-2 with APO
      • Tracking what people are recycling and discarding
    • Movie on Friday (Collapsus)
    • Hike or mural this weekend?
    • Collar City summary
  • Goals for the semester (Ideas)
    • we should get something done for this first semester
    • Get McNeil Room to switch reusable forks
    • Plan Recyclemania?
    • Poster for fixing leaks, turn lights off, take stairs instead of elevator



  • Spoke about Quad hill construction
  • Movie on at Friday 4:30pm Collapsus (
  • Hike or mural painting this Sunday?
    • Many people away this Sunday
    • Ask the ecotalk list
  • Jay discussed Collar City Infoshop meeting
    • Spoke to Sage Climate Crisis about sustainability at Sage and at RPI
    • Sage is very excited about Ecovative
    • Talked about Ecovative
    • We should visit Sage Climate Crisis and they should come visit EcoLogic
  • Deborah is writing about plastic bottles for the Envirenss article next week.
  • Amos Eaton and Sage 3303 doesn't have recycling bins
    • You can email recycling at for other similar tips


  • Do we want to do another project instead of Zero Waste Center?
    • Consensus was no
    • Jay say it seems like it is a one person job
    • Marc says he needs help
    • Some people did not know about the center
  • We need to brainstorm places for Reuse and Recycling of stuff
    • Food - Shwetha brought up Brent Solina's composter
    • Plastic bags
      • Grocery stores collect them
      • We could reuse them in campus bookstore, dining halls, eateries, fathers, computing center, farmer's market
      • Carry a base amount in the EEC
      • Does Price Chopper collect non brand bags? Where do the bags go?
      • Offer plastic bags in dispensers (locks?) that we make we refill for reuse
      • Contact reslife for bag collection from dorms
    • Ink cartridges
      • Where does Union ink cartridge recycling go?
      • Many stores collect them
    • Wood
      • We should only collect balsa wood (other wood too much to handle)
      • Recycling is probably not going to happen
      • Reuse on campus could definitely happen
    • Pharmaceuticals
      • Can they be reused possibly in an art project?
      • Is there anyway to recycle them?
      • Maybe collect (or promote) for proper disposal?
  • We're going to discuss plastic bag waste reduction at rpi on ecotalk


  • Deborah Kraft
  • David Gellis
  • Marc Latou
  • Jay Walker
  • Shwetha Sridhar
  • Jennifer Spartz
  • Kaori Bigler
  • Chauncey Strode

To Do

  • Call Price Chopper, Walmart, Hannaford and Troy Food Coop (Shwetha)
    • Do they accept bags? (brand?, cleanliness?)
    • What do they do with the bags?
  • Contact the bookstore (Jay)
    • Ask about their own bag recycling
  • Contact computing center (Jennifer)
  • Contact farmer's market (Jay)
  • Contact reslife (Chauncey)
  • Contact deco for plastic bag dispenser design
  • Ecotalk discussion about plastic bags
  • Contact dining services (Deborah)