Ecologic Meeting October 11, 2011

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  • Icebreaker
    • If you could change one thing in your hometown to make it more sustainable, what would it be?
  • Apple Picking
  • Notebook making
  • Discussion Topic
    • Are big environmental organizations still working for the environment or are they working for profit? (are they legitimate?)



  • Zack, public transportation
  • Taylor, less trucks and more trains
  • Paulina, more stuff within walking distance
  • Jay, could be better public transportation but already good
  • Jen H., everything
  • Shwewtha, houses getting electricity from wind
  • Elizabeth, less zoning and permits
  • Jen S., more sidewalks
  • Nikki, safer and cleaner
  • Jeff, less farming land being developed

Apple Picking

  • Goold Orchards
  • 2 AM Saturday
    • Meet in EEC

Discussion Topic

  • Large Environmental Organizations...are they legit or are they really for profit?
    • Big Organic-is it really better for the environment? What about CA vs. local foods?
    • Whether OWS could get too big
      • Right now, it is a lot of different groups, not one unified movement, so that should help
      • What we think about Big Media and how they cover stuff (like with OWS)
      • What OWS has to do with the environmental movement
  • "We need to make going green more cool and less hipster"
  • Caring about environment-people often have to have personal experiences

Future Topics

  • Religion and the environment
  • Next week: talk about The Yes Men Fix the World


  • Ask Kyle (car or van) and Anasha if they can be drivers (Elizabeth)
    • Anasha says yes, he should be able to
  • Ask Vasudha if they want to join us, espcially the sophomores since they have cars


  • Zack
  • Taylor
  • Paulina
  • Jay
  • Jen H.
  • Shwetha
  • Elizabeth
  • Jen S.
  • Nikki
  • Jeff
  • Deborah
  • Tyler