Ecologic Meeting October 15, 2009

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Ice Breaker

  • What is the difference between sustainability and environmentalism?



  • Designs for an Ecologic T-shirt are under Ecologic T-shirts
  • Designs on wiki may be changed based on abilities of the company

350 Rally (10/24/09)

  • Speakers are lined up at the rally and there will also be a lot of organizations at tables
  • Good opportunity to network with other environmental groups from local colleges
  • Car pooling is available
  • Signing the 350 Rally poster will be done next week (10/22/09)

Water Bottles

  • Corey contacted Union bookstore about where they get their water bottles from
  • Jay went to the student senate about obtaining left over water bottles from the ECAV event
    • Student senate agreed to look into it

Tray Free Initiative

  • There will be a table set up in Commons to caution people to not use trays
  • Looking for people to manage the table
    • Jay is planning on sending an e-mail out

Massachusetts Oyster Project

Apple Picking

  • Apple picking on Saturday 10/17/09
    • Meeting at EEC at noon

Breakout Groups

  • EEC
  • Outreach
    • Flyers
    • Designing and distributing new "Turn off the lights when you leave" stickers
    • Awareness for single stream recycling