Ecologic Meeting October 16, 2012

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  • Announcements (briefly)
    • STS film was...interesting? That's putting it nicely
      • So we're not really going to talk about it
    • Apple picking went well
    • Story Harvest this Saturday from 11-8 at the Sanctuary
    • Wiki has a new level of protection that will eliminate all spam
  • Discussion: How does the political structure of the US and other countries affect the environment? (NOT specific political candidates/parties) (20-25 minutes)
    • Different levels of government
    • Two-party system...does it push environmental issues under the table, so to speak?
    • US vs. other countries
    • Other topics we think of!
  • Old business (3-5 minutes)
    • T-shirts (Nikki and Jen)
    • Sustainability Food Guide
      • Expect an individual email if you haven't sent yours in yet
      • Will be sent to Amanda for editing
  • New business (3-5 minutes)
    • Two fun events for this year!
      • Thanksgiving dinner (whenisgood will be sent out soon)
      • Joke gifts event during finals week?
  • Go to presidential debates!!
    • If we don't have to leave yet, we'll work on the wiki!

Role Call

  • Elizabeth A.
  • Nikki B.
  • Tony F.
  • Jen S.
  • Amanda L.


  • Talked about STS Film Series: Becoming Animal, not a good one, people didn't miss much
  • Apple Picking fun but raining
  • Story harvest 11-8 at the Sanctuary on Saturday
  • Wiki accounts now need admin approval before
  • T-shirts are in the process of getting the vendor approved
  • Presidential Debates: talked about economics and impacts on environment
    • Not enough time (4 years) to see the effects
    • Worried about short term reelections
    • Internalizing externalities, businesses need to start taking responsibility
    • Televising debates are influencing votes even if the information isn't recognized as inaccurate
    • Confirmation bias affects what information people tend to look at
  • Food Guide - Elizabeth will email if you haven't done it yet
  • WhenisGood will be sent out about vegan Thanksgiving dinner
  • EarthFest initial discussion about when
  • Televised Debate starts at 9