Ecologic Meeting October 19, 2010

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Elections were quick and easy. No positions were challenged and positions were left unfilled.

Officer Plan Discussion

  • VP Action (Marc)
  • Treasurer (Kristine)
    • Training Nikki to be assistant treasurer.
  • VP Education
    • EnviRenss
    • Seminars
    • Community involvment
    • Educate others ease of sustainable life
  • EEC coordinator
    • Nobody wants to be it.
    • Discussion (See talk)

General Discussion

  • EcoLogic Discuss list
    • Use it as general sustainability discussion for anyone who's interested in sustainability.
  • EnviRenss
    • Poly article as temporary EnviRenss solution to get started.
    • Move to a newsletter when there are enough article writers.


  • Nikki Bittner (quickly)
  • Kara Tedford
  • Marc Latou
  • Jennifer Spartz
  • David Gellis
  • Zack Byington
  • Jay Walker
  • Kristine Nystrom