Ecologic Meeting October 2, 2012

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  • Intros (~2 minutes, if needed)
  • Old Business (5 minutes)
    • T-shirts
    • Membership
    • Sustainability Food Guide...please send your blurb in if you haven't! We also still have a few locations for people to write about.
  • Discussion about OWS movement (20 minutes)
  • New Business (5-10 minutes)
    • Events
      • TBR
      • Sanctuary event Friday
        • Is there interest in going?
      • Vasudha Garden and dinner
      • Next week's meeting
        • We might be going to Storytelling [1] if there is one
        • Otherwise, EcoLogic history and wiki work day!
    • Solar Oven Pirate Pad [2]

Roll Call

  • Jenn
  • Nikki
  • Elizabeth
  • Marissa
  • Tony

The Minutes

  • Elizabeth talked about her experience at Occupy Wallstreet
  • Other people talked about what they know about Occupy
  • Discussion sparked by talking about Occupy
  • Watched Elizabeth's Occupy footage
  • In poor areas getting paid to have hazardous waste dumped in your town