Ecologic Meeting October 21, 2013

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Bake sale

  • Some point before thanksgiving
  • Shouldn't do Friday because it's harder to draw people in
  • Tuesday or Thursday for selling before Thanksgiving
  • 9-4
  • Thursday seems to be better for most people
  • Union lobby
  • Need to reserve a table
  • Nov. 21st seems best possible date

Need to figure out when Vamos talk will be

Princess Festival

  • Who wants to volunteer?
  • It teaches little kids, mainly girls, about sustainability
  • It's on Dec 7th
  • If you think of any challenges for little kids, write em down

Watched Natalie's video about waste

  • Humans use a ton of waste
  • We need to compost of napkins at RPI
  • We could reduce our consumption of waste