Ecologic Meeting October 23, 2007

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In about two weeks we will be removing the trash cans from the end of each table and setting up recycle/garbage stations.

This Friday 2pm a waste audit in the union. A waste audit is when you go to a garbage container and separate true garbage from various recyclables, and weigh everything and get statistics. In 2003 the waste audit said that about half the garbage was recyclable by weight, and half of the remaining garbage is compost. Recycling these recyclables could result in savings like $125,000.

We should compare those trash cans which are near recyclables versus those that are one there own, also the ones that are in high traffic areas, versus those that aren't.

August suggests that we should do the recycling revamping one building at a time, but consistency would be nice too. The union is definitely going to be done, but it would be good to have a dorm and also an academic building.

Meeting agendas

Should the recycling be a separate meeting for recycling or should we focus every meeting on recycling. Consensus at meeting is that focus at meetings will be recycling with other ecologic things coming first.

Recycling Project Coordinator

Sarah is now the recycling project coordinator.

Renewable Energy Credits

We should get the school to purchase some renewable energy credits. For those who don't know, renewable energy credits are an extra amount that RPI would pay the electric company and then our energy would be taken from renewable energy sources.

Collecting data on usage

We should collect data and background information on everything that is being done for sustainability and compile it into a united front.

Changes in leadership

We voted for some changes in the leadership in the club. Check out Officers for the new leadership.

Sustainability Initiative

There is a new page on the wiki for the Sustainability Initiative, throughout the next week everyone should add/edit action items. At next week's meeting we will discuss what has happened on the page.

Focus The Nation

There is a national event to raise awareness about global warming and possible solutions to these issues. The day takes place on Thursday, January 31.