Ecologic Meeting October 23, 2008

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General stuff

Meeting minutes will be sent our regularly now that construction of the new EEC is mostly done and regular (non-decorating oriented) Ecologic meetings are now in swing

  • Need a sign-out sheet for books
  • Ecologic meetings will be in the games room from now on
  • Talk to Bev:
    • Can we get more couches? And places to sit?

Recycled Notebooks

  • Be sure to bring recycled paper to the next meeting as it will be a recycled notebook making meeting!
  • Recycled notebooks will be given away for free in the EEC games room.
  • There was debate about whether selling these notebooks in the bookstore would be a good idea or not.

Ecohall Challenge

  • Planning was begun
  • Ecologic plans to take a more active role this year. We want to plan out the challenge this semester and early next semester and then hand our plans over to RHA to ensure that more stuff gets done!


  • A farmer's market sampler will be held at mothers on the weekend of November 8th.
  • Ecologic might be holding workshops on gas conservation and how to reduce your footprint.

Content Team

  • Anasha has a bunch of posters!

Outreach Team

Outreach team stuff go here