Ecologic Meeting October 26, 2010

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  • Envirenss article
    • Kara signed up for next weeks and might write about plastics
    • Zack signed up for the week afterwards. Might write something thanksgiving related.
  • Shoes recycling and reuse locations for Zero Waste Center. (See discussion)
  • Zero Waste Center mural advertisement. (See discussion)
    • Decided to not paint the mural this week.
  • Mentioned Thursday Night Group
    • Williams College environmental club 1 hour away Thursdays at 10pm
    • People didn't sound too enthused about checking it out
  • Ecologic T-shirts
    • Nikki is taking this on
    • Shirt image is decided in addition to supplier
    • Shirt design needs more discussion
    • We should have a quote on the shirt as well. (Lorax quote)
  • Alumni and SustainAffinity
    • We need an alumni relations officer to pursue it.
  • Minute taking
    • Decided to rotate minute taking responsibilities
  • Cornell cooperative extension
    • People seemed interested
    • Partner with Terra Cafe
  • Meeting next week


  • Deborah Kraft
  • David Gellis
  • Zack Byington
  • Kristine Nystrom
  • Marc Latou
  • Kara Tedford
  • Jennifer Spartz
  • Nikki Bittner
  • Jay Walker
  • Anasha
  • Nathan Pankowsky