Ecologic Meeting October 28, 2013

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Environmental Justice discussion

  • people/ people of color are more likely to deal with environmental pollution and other bad things
  • People in poorer communities are more likely to allow bad things to happen if they are offered money as stipulation
  • Love Canal- part of a town was on top of a lot of toxins and lots of people were hurt and sick because of it and it took a lot of fighting to get the EPA to accept that they needed to be relocated

What can we do?

  • Help the little people with their fight for justice
  • Clean up communities, get attention to communities that need it
  • Elizabeth wants to bring to light these issues through anthropology.
  • Look at politician's histories with environmental problems before voting for them
  • Film flow looks at water and pollution
  • Need to push for corporate policy and ethics. Need better regulations.
  • Better international governmental system
  • Richer countries exploit poorer countries and occassionally other rich countries and put lots of environmental bads on those exploited countries
  • General education about the bads that can happen
  • Ethics involved in GMOs, can't test on children but can't find out if things work otherwise
  • Testing GMOs for toxins can cause huge controversy
  • Electrical waste can cause human damage and environmental damage and needs a better system of recycling
  • At some point, our environmental problems will be irreversible.
  • "If we don't do anything, we're f***ed."

To-do list:

  • E-mail Vamos and Jean for Elizabeth
  • Reserve a table 10-4 in the Union on the 21st and 22nd, bake on 20th
  • Schedule a viewing of the Lorax
  • "It'd be like watching Planet of the Apes and then going 'There were apes in Planet of the Apes?'"