Ecologic Meeting October 4, 2011

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  • Icebreaker
  • Hydrofracking


  • (Name, major, year, what made you care about the environment?)
  • Zack, Biochem/Biophysics, Senior
  • Jeff, Physics, Junior
  • Jen, Physics, Junior
  • Jen, Physics, Senior
  • Paulina, EMAC and Psych dual, Senior
  • Elizabeth, Sustainability Studies, Sophomore
  • Jay, Economics and Biology dual, Senior
  • Terrance, ChemE, Freshman
  • Not Present (Tyler), CompSci, Sophomore


  • We all sort of know what it is
  • The companies won't make the chemicals used public information because they consider it propietary but also then citizens can't find out all the chemicals being used to pollute the water
  • We discussed issues with fracking which the secretary doesn't feel like writing them down although she should since she is sort of falling asleep and paying attention and writing stuff down keeps her awake
  • Facebook group: [4]
  • Ideas/do you think hydrofracking can be done responsibly?
    • No, and we need to get away from all petroleum products
  • People should be educated more about what hydrofracking is so that they get rid of it


  • Discussion topics that people should bring
    • Any particular topic people want to talk about
      • Whether environmental organizations are bullshitting or not
  • Cihan and I are going to work on the compost/greenhouse this weekend...anyone want to help us?
  • We should go apple picking sometime and then apple cooking
    • Saturday: 15th


  • Zack
  • Jeff
  • Jen
  • Jen
  • Paulina
  • Elizabeth
  • Jay
  • Terrance
  • Deborah
  • Nikki