Ecologic Meeting October 5, 2010

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Events for Work Day (10/10/10)

  • Trash pick-up in Troy
    • Horseshoe, community garden, etc.
    • Neighborhood-to-neighborhood and pick up people along the way
    • Stop by cool places in Troy (e.g. the Troy Food Co-Op)
    • Tentative List of Places to go:
      • Union
      • 8th Street
      • Downtown Troy - 1st community garden
      • Vegan Bakery
      • River Street
      • Troy Bike Rescue
      • Troy Food Co-Op
      • 4th Street and then up Canal Street
      • Pass 2nd community garden and view the gorge
      • Up to cemetery and down Congress street then back to Union
        • If there are any other places, figure it out on discuss list and contact those places to see if they're open
    • Outreach for this event
      • Ciara making a facebook group
      • Discuss lists for Ecologic/SSTF
      • Postering? website?

Movie Nights will be moved to Friday Energy Speaker: 8-10 pm DCC 324 Officer Elections next week

  • Jay will be sending out a list of officer descriptions before the next meeting


  • Nikki Bittner
  • Shwetha Sridharan
  • Kara Tedford
  • Marc Latou
  • Jennifer Spartz
  • Chauncey Strode
  • Kaori Bigler
  • Ciara Chambers
  • David Gellis
  • Zack Byington
  • Anasha Cummings
  • Jay Walker
  • Kristine Nystrom