Ecologic Meeting October 7, 2013

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  • Vegan Bake Sale
  • Wiki party
  • Also: Professor Vamos talk update, apple picking update


Today Frank from e-board came by. Attendance: Elizabeth, Marissa, Diana, Taylor, Vicky

Bake Sale:

  • Everyone needs to fill out the when is good
  • We could possibly do it with the wellness center, but would need to decide on that soon
  • Possible dates are: before Halloween, before Thanksgiving break, early next semester
  • Week before Thanksgiving is good possibility with a Thanksgiving theme
  • Have about $50 for supplies, need to make that back and hopefully plus some
  • Try not to do it on Wednesday so as not to conflict with Terra Cafe
  • Need to check that no one is doing a bake sale the same day we choose

Lecture with Vamos:

  • He is free Mondays at 8
  • Elizabeth needs to send him a reminder e-mail and figure out a date


  • Need to fix e-mail list, delete grads
  • Update members

Wiki party next week when all the members are here! Bring your laptop, fully charged!