Ecologic Meeting October 8, 2009

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Vice president

  • Candidates: Britney Tappen, Jay Walker
  • Winner = Britney Tappen


  • Candidates: Zachary Byington
  • Winner: Zachary Byington

Public Relation-s:

  • Candidates: Ciara Chambers, Al Gore
  • Winner: Ciara Chambers

Webmaster (wiki + splash page)

  • Corey Marshall


  • Tom Vancor

EEC Coordinator

  • Corey Marshall, Kara Tedford


Farmer’s Market (at the union)

  • continued movement to get farmer’s market on campus
  • trying to run it through a student club

Troy Food Co-op trying to open

  • Have to sell enough shares in their co-op to be able to open
  • Can we buy a share as a club?
  • a meeting sometime next week on the topic

Bottled Water project

  • Have a meeting to see if we can get nalgene bottles for cheaper


  • 10/29, coming to campus to talk to us about a group he started that works on cleaning up boston bay ( boston project)


  • They’re working on it. It’s complicated. – sustainability minor – bunch of courses for next semester

  • Forum (at or with vashuda), where we invite the professors to come in and talk to us about the classes