Ecologic Meeting September 04, 2008

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  • Executive summary: described what Ecologic is all about

Activity and introductions

  • Tara Clancy, RD of Nason Hall, put together a fun getting-to-know-each-other bingo activity
  • It was really fun and we all got to know each other
  • Afterward we went around the room and introduced ourselves to the whole group

Ideas and things that are going on


  • Green Homes Tour 2008
  • Waste Management's recycling facility
  • Greenway composting facility
  • Green Materials Expo: Sept 27th
  • Farmer's Market (this Saturday)
  • Darrin fresh water institute


  • Environmental Education Center in the Union
  • Dump and run (meeting up coming up soon)
  • Greenhouse
  • EcoHall Challenge
    • Possible reward: dinner by the Terra Cafe?
    • Dessert from Terra Cafe?
  • Off-campus recycling
    • A way to get money from them, like price chopper
  • Recycling compact flourescent bulbs
  • Promote strategic recycling on campus of odd items
    • Information about recycling on campus
  • Working with environmental clubs or children at Troy HS and middle school
    • Also: other environmental clubs on other campuses
  • Google Calendar with stuff Ecologic is doing!