Ecologic Meeting September 11, 2008

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Upcoming Events

Archer Center Recycled Notebook Making Party

This Friday from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm at the Archer Center. It'll be lots of fun!

Possible Hiking or Camping Trip

Next Weekend (Sep. 20) somewhere. Contact Bev for more information.

Meeting Minutes


Everyone said their name and favorite fall activity

Elections and a New Constitution

The Ecologic Constitution will soon be updated as it is 15 years old. New officers will be elected in the next few meetings. Sam talked about the meeting format devised last meeting. See Ecologic governance review 2008.

Crash Course of the Ecologic Wiki

Frank gave a brief overview of the ecologic wiki and taught members how to use and edit the wiki. People were encouraged to make changes to the website.

The New EEC

Yong Jun and Beth and Tara measured out the space given to Ecologic in the EEC. Tara later gave everyone a mini tour of the space after the meeting Space comes with desks, a couch, and other furniture pieces. Should be open by October 17th, homecoming weekend.

Idea for a future meeting: making recycled animals!