Ecologic Meeting September 17, 2009

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Ice Breaker

Name & what motivated you to become greener & sustainable


The Envirenns

  • Bev
  • Kat Foley
  • Ciara

Small/frequent events (Hikes, Student Acceptance Day, Parents Day, Fall celebration, etc. )

  • Sam
  • Bev
  • Lauren Madaffan
  • Jamie
  • Sarah Krauss
  • Ryan Baltaza
  • Safa Siddiqui

Large Events

  • Zack Byington
  • Bev (help when time comes)
  • Barrett (focus of sodexho)

Educational Outreach:

  • Sarah Krauss
  • Jay Walker
  • Sam
  • Barrett (depends)
  • Ciara


  • Sam
  • Safa Siddiqui
  • Molly Antalis

EEC Organizational Committee

  • John Maderazo
  • Super Senior Kat Foley
  • Ciara

Recycling/Waste reduction - Jay

  • Single Stream Recycling
    • People are unaware that it is single stream
    • Potential for getting involved with new
  • Water bottles – gather from people, if they bring a certain amount we give them a nalgene bottle
  • Food waste – trayless dining
    • currently optional & educational
  • Educating off-campus residents – how they can recycle

PR/Informative graphics team

  • Posters in EEC

Outreach to other clubs/frats/service organizations

Breakout Groups

Events group, outreach group Outreach

  • Looking to work with fraternities, ROTC
  • Ideas:
    • Green Greek Festival (grillout)
    • Compare to programs at other schools
    • Pick up trash


Dave Sheffner

  • From the Aurora Foundation in Albany
    • Green Committee that focuses on Lark St. area
    • They are putting recycling bins at Lark Fest (This Saturday, 9/19/09)
    • Working to make street lights more efficient (LEDs)