Ecologic Meeting September 24, 2009

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Today’s meeting was led by Jay Walker.

Ice Breaker

What’s your name, where are you from, and what do you like to do when you aren’t saving the environment.

Ecologic Wiki

What is the wiki?

  • Our website
  • A tool for organization and getting things done

What is on the wiki?

  • All environmental clubs on campus have pages on the wiki
  • Current Ecologic Projects
    • Everything we are working on should have a page
    • It is a good place for organization to happen outside of meetings
  • Past Projects
    • Can find inspiration from past projects and see if you want to restart any of them
  • Meeting Minutes (as you can probably tell)
  • Recent changes
    • Allows you to see all updated pages, and keep track of changes in projects
  • A link to the Ecologic Google Calendar
    • Events in green are in the Troy area
    • Events in purple are on campus events
    • You can submit an event to be added to the calendar
    • If you have a google calendar, you can subscribe to the Ecologic Calendar] and the events will be added to your calendar.

Do you need an account?

  • No, but it’s good to have one, so if you add/edit a page, or post on a discussion, people know who you are
  • With an account, you can “watch” a page, which will send you an email when it is updated

Wiki Formatting

The wiki is only effective if everyone uses it!


Idea for water/plastic bottles

  • Start a program where people can trade in a certain number of plastic bottles for a nalgene bottle.
  • Can give students a card, so they can bring in some bottles and get them stamped until they collect enough.

Cover pages when printing

  • The cover pages waste paper
  • We have tried to remedy this problem, but it doesn’t go anywhere
  • Instead, we collect the coversheets and make recycled notebooks out of them. So, when you see them bring them to the EEC

Bill McKibben will be speaking on October 16th at the Albany Academy

  • If you are interested in going, email Anasha at

350 Rally (

  • Rally in Albany to bring awareness to the issue of global warming
  • Considering a pre-rally at RPI first, then going to the rally on the capital steps
  • Join theNY Capital District for 350 Facebook group
  • Contact Anasha if you are interested in helping out/going

Troy Night Out Tomorrow!!

  • A group will be gathering tomorrow night (9/25) at 5:30pm at Blitman for dinner, and will then head down to Troy Night Out

Apple Picking !(?)

  • A tentative date for Apple picking is currently October 17th from 2-3pm. More details to come

Breakout Groups

EEC cleaning & decoration

Wiki Editing

Small Events

  • Prepare prepackaged green events for RAs, 3-5 a year.
    • Brainstorm events
      • Measure power usage with kilowatt meter, grow sprouts….

  • Put stickers on light switches to remind you to turn off the lights in dorms
    • Can talk to reslife

  • Vegan Bake Sale
    • Provide info about health benefits of eating vegetarian/vegan

  • Pumpkin picking & Carving