Ecologic Meeting September 25, 2007

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Career Fair & Graduate School Fair

Next Thursday (Oct 4) 3-6pm at Pace University; Leaving here a little before noon, back around 9:30 or 10. Elly will send out a link later, for coordinating.

Terra Cafe

Terra Cafe is serving food in the second floor of Russel Sage Dining Hall for $5 from 11:30am - 1:30pm.

Revamping Recycling

Ben Cohen, Graduate senator pushing for new recycling on campus:

  • Consistent recycling containers, make them all look alike.
  • One thing that will help is showing how much money is being lost by throwing out recyclables. Recycling is removed for free, but garbage is $300 per ton. In 2003 25% of garbage was actually garbage, with 25% being organics and compostable, leaving 50% recyclable.
  • One important comparison would be to compare garbage cans near recycle bins in comparison to those who aren't. Need to make recycle bins more prevalent and garbage cans less prevalent. Making them nice looking will help get past the decorating committee.
  • Case studies (other schools), economical statistics
  • We need to know who's involved, especially administration
  • Need to work out the finances, including the funds necessary/available
  • Get student support, awareness campaign.
  • Research location of bins.
  • Need various coordinators for different facets of the project.

Long story short, need to show Shirley that the school will save money to revamp the recycling program.

Conservation Coordinator Position

There is a work study position with Steve Angle.

Collecting Recyclables

Still collecting recyclables around campus, Mondays 6pm, outside Amos Eaton.

Green Homes Tour

Next Saturday all day. Bev will be sending an email out to coordinate transportation.

ESW/Ecologic hike

Sometime in the near future, perhaps a hike with Ecologic and ESW members, wait for an email about dates.

Next Meeting

Sunday, 7pm in the Union, wait for the room.