Ecologic Meeting September 25, 2008

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Meeting Minutes


We all said our name and where we are from


  • There's a Green Material's Expo this Saturday September 27th. We will be meeting at the horseshoe at 10 am.
  • There will be a hiking trip sometime in the future!
  • Next meeting we'll be working on the EEC wall... If you have any random recycled objects that could be made into art or paints etc. make sure to bring them.
  • The green homes tour will be next weekend


Sam gave a super cool presentation about his trip to Europe this summer and all the ecologically related things he discovered. (Geothermal power plants, sod-based houses in Iceland, smart cars, offshore wind farms in the middle of the ocean, the Eden project in England, funny Chinese environmental signs etc. )

Breakout Recap

  1. Brainstorming and Activities groups.
    • Results: to be heard from later.
  2. New EEC Decoration
    • A primer coat of paint was applied to the new green space