Ecologic Meeting September 8, 2014

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Vasudha Screening of Disruption

  • Nason Classroom
  • Sometime this weekend
  • More information TBA

Princess Festival

  • Budget
  • Mcneil Room
  • About 200 people attend each of the last two times
  • Get girls interested in STEM, strengthen RPI-Troy relations
  • Princess Festival: Disney princess
    • Sleeping Beauty - energy
    • Jazmine - recycling
  • Get girls to be interested in STEM and environmental issues
    • Girls got passports and got a prize at the end
      • Prize: pot with plants (plastic trays)
  • Make it welcoming to boys? Maybe super heroes
  • We'll need itemized list of what we will need to buy
  • Costumes -- some we have, some we rented from store/warehouse called Costumer. They gave a discount because it was for a cause.


Instruct students on how to install sustainable infrastructure in their homes.

Discussed why we are doing this project rather than implementing sustainability infrastructure on campus. The reason is funding -- the union won't give use money for that.


  • Brendan
  • Jesse
  • Diana
  • Forrest
  • Laura
  • Kyle
  • Elizabeth
  • Alex R
  • Adrienne
  • Sarah