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Ecologic and the other environmental clubs on campus utilize mailing lists to keep everyone up to date on what's happening.

Email ecologic(at)union(dot)rpi(edu) to sign up for these mailing lists or fill out the form here


Ecologic maintains a mailing list for meetings and club announcements.


Our main club list. Only officers can send to this list. It is intended to be low-volume, and should under no circumstances contain anything that a member could construe as "spam". We have had problems in the past where the former meeting list, ECOLOGIC-L, got many cross-postings about news events which were maybe only passingly interesting to general Ecologic members. Now we have EcoTalk for this (below).

Officers: don't forward emails to this list. List volume should be two to three emails per week max.


SSTF has control over two lists that are relevant to the greater sustainability community at RPI: EcoTalk and Sustainability Newsletter.


Anyone who subscribes to this list can send emails to it. It's meant to be a place for general discussion among Ecologic and community members. Also, various messages from other organizations can be cross-posted to this list; for example, eco-internship opportunities or the latest sustainability initiative from the SSTF.

Sustainability Newsletter

This list is for once to twice monthly emails about all the sustainability happenings at RPI, focused on student efforts.