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Officers Meetings 2012 and On

A compilation of officers meetings starting with Elizabeth's first term as President.


  • Elizabeth doing coterm. She is willing to be president next year as well.
    • Junior president. Some clubs have this. Also create new officer positions so that everyone who wants to has a role.
  • T-shirts + budgeting
    • + issue of missing t-shirt
  • how do we think we're doing so far? (if there's time. Limit meeting to 30 min. preferably 15 min.)


  • UPAC sound code has changed. Check this for budget next year.


  • Exchange phone numbers
  • RIN for being an officer
  • Gmail to be added to google calendar and google plus page
  • Password to our gmail. It's ******.
  • Anyone else want to be an admin of the FB page and post cool links?
  • Wiki training?