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The Terra Café is a service provided by RPI students to enhance the community of RPI while educating our peers of the benefits of supporting the local and organic movement.[1]

Terra Café Logo

It runs every Wednesday during the semester, from 11:30am-1:30pm, on the second floor of Russell Sage Dining Hall. The menu every week can be found at the Terra Café Homepage.


This full service, sit-down restaurant, is committed to serving local and organic foods. Each week will feature a new menu with a meat option, vegetarian option, and a dessert.

The Terra Café started as a student initiative first cooked up by members of Ecologic, the environmental group on campus, and then turned into a PDI project in business planning. Students work closely with the executive chef of hospitality services, Jackie Baldwin, to accent food issues through the menu choices available at the Café.[1]



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