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Vasudha: Earth and its Environment

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The Vasudha Living and Learning Community @ Rensselaer

Vasudha is a new first-year living & learning community on campus focused on issues of energy, environment, and biodiversity. Being a living and learning community, students get a chance to take courses with other students who share their interests in the Earth, its environment, and our natural and energy resources. Similar to other theme houses, these students will live in a common residence hall--it's located in Nason Hall--where they will share exciting conversations in the community's dedicated lounge and classroom. The signature themes of the program is a focus on independent thought, critical thinking, and an early introduction to undergraduate research experience.

The residential component of the program lasts for a year, but all students are invited to remain involved with Vasudha, and various associated degree programs ranging from environmental engineering, to earth sciences, to sustainability studies, throughout their stay at Rensselaer. (There is no requirement for involvement in subsequent years.) All of the courses students take are applicable towards graduation requirements, either as required courses, or as free electives. Students in the program will be making normal progress towards their degree requirements.

pictures [1] (Note-this is the old wiki and a lot of information on it is outdated. Feel free to explore it, too. Most of the information is on this wiki now.)

If you're a new Vasudha member, please see and contribute to the For Incoming Students page. For information on how to edit this wiki, see Welcome to Vasudha. This page also explains the basics about the wiki. Check out Events & Activities for what's coming up too!

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